From our inception, we have graduated many students across all our schools. Jujarians as we fondly refer to our students, have been the foundation of our existence and the pride of our work. Our graduates have gone on to thrive in various industries, from corporate institutions, and traditional fields to the arts, and organizations that give-back and support their local communities. We are honored to have contributed to the lives of these individuals be it through helping them realize their abilities and supporting their aspirations, or a place that warmly holds their childhood memories.
We would like to form a community where alumni from Juja can connect with each other and foster the bonds that were already created. Through such interactions our alumni can seize the opportunities presented from a vast network of individuals who can continue to support each other through peers that once shared classrooms.
We invite you to register below and join our ever-growing alumni network as we cultivate a platform to engage our alumni in meaningful ways.

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