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Aviation Training

Through our partnership with the Kenya School of Flying, we have presented our students with an expansive platform to pursue careers in the aviation industry as pilots. We encourage our students with a passion for flying to pursue professional careers in aviation while simultaneously receiving their secondary school education. In this respect, many of our students have successfully completed their secondary school education and qualified as pilots. The aviation department qualifies this through its two unique programs:
Aviation Technology as a Subject
Students are exposed to various modules and topics pertaining to the aviation industry. They also have access to The Kenya School of Flying where this knowledge can be augmented through practical instruction.
All our students in Form 1 and 2, as well as Year 8 and 9 are given opportunity to pursue aviation as subject of interest after which the subject is made optional. They also have access to The Kenya School of Flying where this knowledge can be augmented through practical instruction after completing mandatory requirements.
Fly Young Program
This program is meant to nurture keen interest and enthusiastic students who are aspiring to have careers as pilots, at their this tender age whilst pursuing their secondary education. The following is the pilot training arrangement for aviation students:
1st Year Form 1 / Year 8 / Year 9 Familiarization flights to initiate interest for those who would like to pursue pilot training.
2nd Year Form 2 / Year 9 Assessments: Undergo aviation medical examination from KCAA Approved Medical Examiners Undertake flight assessment test conducted by Kenya School of Flying
 Form 2 / Year 10 1st session of ground school instructions conducted at Kenya School of Flying (KSF)
2nd session of ground school instruction conducted at KSF
3rd Year  Form 3 / Year 10 3rd session of ground school instruction conducted at KSF
Flight Training Requirements: +17 years of age by 31st July in their 3rd year of study
 Form 3 Completion of Training: Minimum of 45 hours cumulative flight time. Attempt KCAA licensing examination prior to commencement of 4th year
4th Year  Form 4 (December) Final Exam. Completion of ground school syllabus and preparation and attempt KCAA licensing examinations.
The Aviation department facilitates all logistics pertaining to enrollment for interested students upon meeting the basic requirements.
Our Contribution to the Aviation Industry
As a school we are proud of our contribution to the Aviation industry both nationally and internationally.
We are proud of our alumni, young men and women who are a testament of Juja Senior School as a springboard to their and careers and finding their passion.
The following personalities are Jujarians in the Aviation industry:
  • CAPT. Moses Karanja: – Kenya Airways  (Ab- Initio Program  ) – ATPL
  • ENG. Lady Savia Maria – Kenya Airways (Aeronautical engineer)
  • CAPT. Sidney Shiroya – Kenya School Of Flying  – CPL
  • CAPT. Brian Thumbi – 43rd  Flying  School  South Africa – PPL
  • CAPT. Victor Kihanya – Kenya School of  Flying   – PPL
  • CAPT. Mike Munene- U.S.A – PPL
  • CAPT. Stephen Nduati – PPL
  • CAPT. Sammy Petrouse – Kenya School of Flying –  CPL
  • CAPT. Jennifer SPPL
  • Binal Patel (Air hostess) – Best airlines in the United Kingdom.