What we do

Life Outside the Classroom

When a student is admitted to the school, they are placed in one of four Houses: Twiga, Chui, Impala, or Simba. There are regular inter-house events, along with sporting activities. We recently introduced Parents Sports Day as part of our school activities – parents get to play and compete in the same houses as their children.

We pride ourselves on a very strong and successful Performing Arts program. From music to visual and performing arts, the students have the ability to immerse themselves in the genre that best suits their talent.

Performing Arts Program

Through the Juja Music Academy, we offer Music lessons to our learners. Learners are taught how to play piano, violin & drums. Voice coaching/training is also offered as part of the music classes. Our students get to attend drama and music festivals each year, ensuring that students have ongoing opportunities to exercise their talents in theatre, song, and dance. School events music concerts and cultural days, help nurture an appreciation for the arts as well as also provide students with avenues to build their confidence to perform on stage.



Sport is an important part of life at Juja Preparatory & Senior Schools, it gives our students a chance to experience different kinds of sports which help develop their mental, physical and social well-being. Our main aim is to ensure that students enjoy physical activity and that they learn to compete in a healthy environment.

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We are delighted and honored that you are considering Juja Preparatory and Senior Schools for your child’s education. We look forward to working with you through a closer partnership that will help your child achieve the best transformative education.