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What we do

Life at Juja Schools

Wondering what it’s like to be part of the Juja community? Here is a sneak peek at everyday life on Campus. While academic is paramount at Juja, there is so much more to each day than the time spent in a classroom.


What we do

Student Clubs

The students have an opportunity to participate in a number of activities. We offer a range of activities throughout the year to expose the children to different interests in hopes that they will gain new skills and explore different interests. These range from music, arts, Chess, ballet, aviation, and environmental conservation.

Juja Preparatory and Senior Schools is a friendly environment where our international students have been able to acclimatize and thrive in their academics as well as in their personal lives, making fond memories of the years they spend here.

Our staff and dormitory house mothers understand the nervousness that both parents and students may experience when moving to a new country and starting at a new school. However, through our many years of experience we have supported all our students ensuring they settle in well and communicate regularly with their family.



Extracurricular activities give students a lot of opportunities to explore their existing interests or discover entirely new ones, develop talents and  acquire a number of fun and useful skills!

Community Service

As a community, it is important for us to instill in our students the importance of community service and giving back to society. Our students participate in charity walks and visit children’s homes, raising funds and engaging with children. The choice rests with the students and the high involvement on their part displays how conscious and generous they are.

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