Learning at Juja

Our Academics

At the core of our founder’s dream to provide education, lies an emphasis on high scholarship and intellectual endeavour, along with the belief that character, above all else, determines success in life.

That mission forms a roadmap for learning that is reinforced by a broad, evolving, and innovative curriculum, which is built on a strong intellectual and academic foundation, and brought to life by dedicated and caring faculty, made up of highly educated experts in their respective fields.

We continually evaluate and modify our academic program to reflect the most advanced teaching and learning methodologies, while providing students with unique opportunities for pursuing their passions

What we do

Classes & Curriculum

Juja Kindergarten offers a wonderful introduction to learning and socialization within a warm and friendly environment. Located in an independent section of the school campus, pupils enjoy the space to play, learn, and discover the world around them


Crèche/Play Group: 2-3 Years

This is the first exposure from home to school. According to Juja Kindergarten School, this is the most sensitive and crucial stage where a child starts to build and acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills. We are keen on the child, and we provide a lot of attention and training to help the child become independent at an early age. We provide a home away from home.

Kindergarten (KG1): 3-4 Years

At this level, we introduce the young ones to academic based activities on themes outlined in the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) syllabus. The pupils are also taught sounds and numbers. The themes covered are basically derived from the world around us. This helps the child to interact positively in the environment and to be more aware of themselves and others.

Pre-Primary 1 (PP1): 4-5 Years

This class comprises of pupils at age four. Pupils come from KG1 having learnt the sounds A – Z and are building up on language, making, reading and writing two and three letter words. They are still learning the aspect of sharing items of play, learning and feelings. They are also acquiring logical thinking, negotiation skills and survival skills. We train them how to be independent, confident and build their self-esteem through learning activities. Well articulated and integrated learning activities employed at this stage.

Pre-Primary 2 (PP2): 5-6 Years

The children have grown through the two stages of foundation learning and are on their way to Preparatory School. After PP2 we graduate pupils who are confident in performing their learning activities, and guiding their juniors in School activities day in day out. They are the big brothers and sisters in the Kindergarten. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking for them to leave the warmth of the Kindergarten in which they have thrived to grow academically and physically.

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We are delighted and honored that you are considering Juja Preparatory and Senior Schools for your child’s education. We look forward to working with you through a closer partnership that will help your child achieve the best transformative education.