Learning at Juja

Our Academics

At the core of our founder’s dream to provide education, lies an emphasis on high scholarship and intellectual endeavour, along with the belief that character, above all else, determines success in life.

That mission forms a roadmap for learning that is reinforced by a broad, evolving, and innovative curriculum, which is built on a strong intellectual and academic foundation, and brought to life by dedicated and caring faculty, made up of highly educated experts in their respective fields.

We continually evaluate and modify our academic program to reflect the most advanced teaching and learning methodologies, while providing students with unique opportunities for pursuing their passions.

What we do

Classes & Curriculum

Our academic staff is highly qualified and with years of experience and comprises of examiners with Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC).

The Dean of Studies monitors and ensures effective implementation of the curriculum preparing our students to excel in their academics.

We expose our students to different events for continuous growth, such as school trips to reinforce curriculum, and we encourage them to participate in mathematics competitions and science fairs to augment classroom learning and challenge their abilities.

Learning Resource Center

We provide a Learning Resource Center to encourage independent study as well as group learning. We strive to promote a reading and research culture, preparing our students for life after secondary school.

Online Resources

Students have access to online resources to enable them to expand beyond what they learn in class and embrace continuous learning.

Supplemental Reading

Our library is stocked with material that complement the respective curricula. We also have materials for recreational reading. We subscribe to newspapers and educational magazines to keep our students informed on current events & emerging developments.

Special Activities

To improve on our reading culture, we celebrate reading by organizing special activities like Library Day. This annual event aims at highlighting literary works and renowned authors.

Science Laboratory

We have a fully equipped science lab that complements the science curriculum. The lab provides the opportunity for our students to learn how to safely handle laboratory equipment and delve into the world of science through practical experiments.

Computer Laboratory

We expose our students to technology to enhance their computer skills and give them a competitive edge in an ever-changing technological world.

 In an evolving world where education platforms are changing and moving towards a digital platform, our school is keeping track of these advancements to ensure the delivery of this component is incorporated into our learning instruction.

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