The Kenya Private Schools Association recently conducted a benchmarking tour at Juja Preparatory & Senior Schools on 15th February 2024, bringing together educators, administrators, and stakeholders to benchmark on the maintenance of excellence in the integration of CBC, 844 & IGCSE curriculums. This article post delves into the enriching experience of this benchmarking tour and its impact on educational practices.

Juja Preparatory Schools (JPS) was founded in 1997 with the aim of providing education in an atmosphere of a home-away-from-home. Intake began in all eight classes and in December 1997, the first class sat for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations.

Our inception class and their parents requested the management to incorporate a secondary school for the next phase of their children’s education—thus Juja Senior School (JSS) was started in 1998.

Both the Kenyan national Curriculum 8-4-4 (KCSE) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum were implemented that year, diversifying the curriculum offered to our students.

In order to provide comprehensive educational services, a kindergarten school was also started in 1998, catering to pupils between the ages of 2 to 6 years old.

The meeting was aimed at discussing among other critical issues;

  1. Rationalisation of Learning Areas in Junior Schools and the Expected Human Resource Adjustments.
  2. Finance Act in Private Schools and Compliance by Onboarding KRA e-TIMS.
  3. Benchmarking on what a Comprehensive School Entails.
  4. Data Protection Act 2019 Regulations and Guidelines.
  5. KPSA Kiambu Sacco.
  6. KPSA Kiambu Directors/Managers Medical Cover.
  7. The Benefits of KPSA Group Purchase Program-Reducing cost of doing business

Juja Preparatory & Senior Schools warm reception of visiting educators and stakeholders was a testament to out wholehearted embrace of the opportunity to host the benchmarking tour. From the moment the guests arrived, they were met with genuine enthusiasm and hospitality, underscoring the school’s commitment to fostering collaboration and sharing insights within the educational community. The seamless integration of the visitors into various activities and engagements highlighted the school’s dedication to making the benchmarking tour a meaningful and enriching experience for all involved.

Over 150 school directors were in attendance, including the National Chairman of Kenya Private Schools Association Mr.Charles Ochome. During the benchmarking exercise, we showcased our Kindergarten, Primary School, Senior School, Music and Sports Academies. Some of the notable sections toured were model classes, ICT/Resource Center, Academic Achievements, Clubs, Library, Special needs, STEM room, Aviation & Science Labs.

Key takeaways include the emphasis on innovative teaching methodologies, the importance of technology integration in classrooms, and the significance of student-centric learning environments. Additionally, we gained valuable insights into effective school management practices, promoting a holistic approach to education.

According to the Chairman of Kenya Private Schools Association Kiambu, Mr. Kinuthia “ Juja Preparatory & Seniors Schools is amongst the leading institutions in the county both academically and infrastructure wise”. Thus making Juja Preparatory the ideal educational institution for the benchmarking exercise.

Through our Chief Principal Dr. Polycarp Gor, we extend our sincere appreciation to the Kenya Private Schools Association for orchestrating a remarkable benchmarking tour of Juja Preparatory & Senior Schools. This initiative proved to be invaluable, providing participants with unique insights and learning opportunities. The tour not only showcased best practices in education but also fostered a spirit of collaboration among schools.

The collaborative nature of the benchmarking tour allowed us to exchange ideas, strategies, and experiences with fellow educators, fostering a sense of community within the educational sector. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this initiative, as it has undoubtedly enriched our perspective and will contribute positively to the growth and development of our educational institution.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to the Kenya Private Schools Association for organizing such a transformative and enlightening experience.