Stash books all over.

Surrounding kids with books at an early age gets them hooked. Curate a basket to reflect the current season—they’ll be excited to see new titles, and tying them to what’s going on that month will bolster their interest. No holiday on the horizon?  Go to the library for topics your kid is currently in. Leave them out (even on the floor of the car!) and they will pick them up. Let little kids touch them, carry them around.

Show, don’t tell

Children are more likely to read for pleasure when this behavior is modeled by the adults in their lives. Meaning, it’s especially important for educators and parents to work together for the best outcomes. Pick up a book and read and your children will follow your example

Read the book, and then watch the movie.

Pick a classic that’s been turned into a movie—; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; or Chocolate Factory—and read it together, a few chapters at a time. When you finally get to the end, watch the film version. It’s a great way to motivate reluctant readers

Read aloud—even when they don’t need it.

Reading aloud is both educational and social, so there are layers of value there. Children learn to read best—and to love it most—when they hear countless stories over many years in a meaningful context (think cuddling on a parent’s lap). Listening also gives tired readers a break

Turn your library visits into adventures.

Lean on librarians—they help make reading magical for kids. Check in at the front desk before hitting the stacks to see what kind of activities might be going on. Even if you take your kid there for, say, a building project, he will associate the library with fun, and that’s a good thing. Be sure to get your children a library card. It helps them take ownership of the reading experience.

Offer a variety of Genres

Use comics and graphic novels in schools to generate excitement for reading and to increase both library borrowing figures and student literacy levels. This encourages reading and helps highlight the many amazing graphic novels and comic books that are available but largely unrecognized alongside more traditional book genres